Want to Become A Meta Index Ambassador?

Here’s Why You Should Consider It

Can tech advancement and conservation co-exist? According to us, yes. We don't have another choice. We are playing our part against climate change by investing in eco-friendly metaverse projects such as real estate, NFTs, and decentralized finance.

And now, for something special. We are proud to announce our metaverse ambassador program, an initiative that will help our eco-friendly metaverse project grow globally.


Active community members get rewards for growing and educating members through striking and educational self-produced content.

How Do I Get Started??

A Quick Guide to Becoming A Member

Are you aware of all Meta Index developments happening right now? Congratulations! You can earn an ambassador title and rewards in our Metaverse currency.

Are you an active member? Do your posts inspire and educate? The Meta Index team will contact you based on feedback from other members who have encountered your content