Complaints Policy

Environment Conservation DBA: Meta Index seeks to provide high quality services and

therefore is committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of its customers

and to resolving any complaint as quickly as possible. The purpose of this policy is to

provide guidance to both of our customers and staff on the manner in which we receive

and manage a complaint. We are committed to being consistent, fair and impartial when

handling a complaint. For the purposes of this Policy the term “complaint” means an

expression and/or statement of dissatisfaction addressed to Meta Index by a client

relating to the provision of the services offered by Meta Index .


The procedure which shall be followed by Meta Index when handling with a client’s

complaint is as follows:


Any client who wishes to submit a complaint is advised to send a complaint to Meta

Index in the following way: Email to:

The client can submit complaints free of charge.

Receiving Complaints

When a complaint is received, it is initially handled by a member of staff of Meta Index

who shall immediately register the complaint in Meta Index ’s internal register and give it

a unique reference number. Once a complaint is filed we shall take all necessary

actions to ensure that the complaint is properly addressed by forwarding it to the

department the complaint concerns and/or is addressed to within 5 working days. We

will then inform you that your complaint has been forwarded to the relevant

department/personnel, providing all details so that you are aware of who is dealing with

your complaint.

Additionally, the employees of Meta Index , shall make all best efforts to ensure that, in

case the complaint is of such nature that it is not formal and can be resolved

immediately, to do so that your complaint is resolved promptly. However, the member of

staff in such a case shall not:

  1. Commit him/herself in any way to the client;
  2. Address any issues in relation to best execution;3. Address any issues relating to legal issues;
  3. Commit Meta Index in taking any action prior to examining the issues in a formal


Complaint Details

Upon receiving a written complaint, we will record your name and contact details. We

will also record all details of your complaint including the facts and the cause/s of your

complaint, the outcome and any actions taken following the investigation of your


We will also record all dates and times relating to actions taken to resolve the complaint

and communications between us. If you file a complaint we will record your personal

information solely for the purposes of addressing your complaint. Your personal details

will actively be protected from disclosure, unless you expressly consent to its disclosure.

Handling Complaints

The events leading to the complaint shall be examined and assessed by the relevant

department of Meta Index based on the information provided by the client. The facts as

stated by the client shall be examined and verified with the relevant heads of

department and any additional information needed shall be retrieved from Meta Index ’s

archives (electronic mail, IT data, etc.). During the investigation of the complaint, the

Company shall inform the complainant of the handling process of his/her complaint.

Upon completion of the investigation, Meta Index will prepare a report stating the facts

and make recommendations which will be brought to management’s attention who will

then conclude on the final decision to be made. We are committed to resolving

complaints at the first point of contact, however, this will not always be possible

especially in circumstances in which a more formal complaints process will be followed.

Meta Index shall investigate the complaint and reply, within 1 month, to the complainant

about the outcome/decision. In the event when Meta Index is unable to respond within

1 months, it shall inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay and the period of

time within which it is expected to complete the investigation. This period of time cannot

exceed 3 months from the submission of the complaint.

Additional Information

If a complainant is not satisfied with Meta Index ’s final response to his/her complaint,

then he/she reserves the right to refer the complaint to the appropriate authorities.