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Which Carbon Offset Projects Do We Back?

We know of every project under the sun. According to us, forest projects have the biggest effect on global emission reductions.

A Quick Guide to Becoming A Member

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What Do I Need To Become A Member?

  • A candidate should be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.
  • You know DEX, Yield Farming, and Auto Compounding like the back of your hand
  • You’re well versed in MetaIndex’s products.
  • You are motivated by a desire to help others. You're embedded in both crypto networks and marketing bubbles.
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  • You can share information regarding all of our products.
  • You can bolster our marketing by regularly pushing out content on your social media pages.
  • You can bring potential partners on board to our metaverse ambassador program.
  • You can network with cryptocurrency media outlets to disseminate Meta Index press releases.

What Ambassador Benefits Can I Expect?

  • Get compensated in company rewards when you bring new clients into the field
  • Receive weekly bonuses when you meet your expected targets
  • Gain countless networking opportunities when you engage with ambassadors and team members
  • Feel pride as you’re recognized by MetaIndex as an official ambassador for your country
  • Learn valuable skills as our team mentors you on effective content creation

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